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Small Groups and Evening Prayer – Midweek Activities

For this next season of life in our church, we are going to focus on the communal work of prayer. At 7:30pm every night, Monday through Saturday, we will be praying together on Zoom (on Sundays we will continue praying during our evening Worship service).

Monday-Saturday Evening Prayer at 7:30pm
Here is the Zoom link (meeting number 836 4638 6531)

We will be using the Book of Common Prayer as our guide, either through the Venite App or as modified by some of our new monastic siblings in their Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals. Our prayer leaders will use these prayer guides through the “share-screen” function on zoom, so feel free to simply log onto zoom and join us in prayer. Prayer should last 10-15 minutes each evening – a wonderful way to close out the day.

Prayer Walks on Wednesday Morning and Friday afternoon/evening:

Wednesday mornings at 8:30am

Thursday afternoon/evenings at 5pm

We’re also sending people out on prayer walks twice per week. For these walks, we meet in front of the church building and simply walk the neighborhood, connecting with folks who are around and praying together.

We will also have two small groups gathering:

Thursdays at 7pm – Small Group Discussion on Challenging Issues of Faith
Here is the Zoom link (meeting number 836 4638 6531)

At 7pm on Thursdays Josh Kimball will be leading a zoom discussion group on some of the deeper and more difficult issues that the church is wrestling with today. This is a group where no faith question is out of bounds, and where those seeking faith in Christ can talk about the more challenging aspects of discipleship and belief. We hope you’ll join us as we seek to deepen understanding and to make room for questions, uncertainty, disagreement, and mystery. This group will lead into our 8pm Evening Prayer time on Thursday Evening.

We are excited to see how the Spirit shapes and molds us as a church and as individuals through these works of the church. Join us as we seek to be invited deeper into lives of discipleship of Christ.

Wednesdays at 2pm at the church building (safety precautions in place)-
Understanding Salvation with Danny McCray

This group will continue to meet in person, especially for those who are really struggling with the lack of person to person interaction. There are strict safety measures in place including masks, a limit on attendance, and social distancing. Please reach out to Danny McCray to join this group.


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