A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

Matthew 20:1-16 from September 24, 2017

We look at the parable of the laborers in the field and talk about our cultural obsession with fairness.  Jesus challenges us to stop worrying so much about who deserves what and begin to trust, instead, in the overwhelming generosity of God.


  1. Thank you for lending clairity ambiguous passage, Pastor. I’ve wrestled with the ambivalence that you touch on for a few decades. Any chance of getting video with the audio recording of your sermons in the near future?

    • Thanks Will! No plans for video at this point, but we’re always open to ideas, especially if somebody is ready to help us implement. Any suggestions for a cheap and easy way to set up video?

  2. Thank you so much for this message, Chris. I was really convicted and challenged by it–it really spoke to some things I’m working through right now. May God continue to bless your words and leadership!!!

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