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Cord Group Daily Questions

Suggested Daily Questions: 


Initial text question:  How can we pray for you this week?  (question asker: don’t forget to answer yourself!)

Response: Share prayer requests for the coming week, and say a prayer for your other group members


Initial text question: What are you doing this week to grow in discipleship?

Response: Share your answer.  (For example:  Is there a particular book in the Bible you are reading?  Are you working through a devotional?  Are you fasting?  Are you committing to spending a certain time in prayer?  What have you learned so far?)


Initial text question: Have you kept your accountability commitments this week?  (This question can be tailored to the group’s particular issues of accountability – please talk about this at the initial group meeting)

Response: Answer honestly, even when it is difficult or embarrassing.  Share struggles.

Response to the response: Show grace to one another, but challenge one another to keep commitments and offer to help.  Encourage.  Ask what can be done to aid in accountability, especially if somebody has had a setback.


Initial text question:  What good have you seen in the other group members this week?  What has encouraged you?

Response: Answer honestly.  Share encouraging words with one another


Initial text question:  What have you done to share the love of God with people outside of our church community this week?  What will you do this weekend?

Response:  Share what you have done to love others this week.  Are there people you plan to invite to church?  Have you invited others to join the cord groups?  Have you found folks in need and given them help?  Do you have plans to share the love of God this weekend?


Initial text question:  How was your week?

Response: Reflect on your week and briefly share the good and the bad.  Share if you have things you hope will go better next week.


Rest!  (Come worship together!)