A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

Cord Group Instructions

  1. Greet your group members via text/FB/email and introduce yourself.  And remove Pastor Chris from your group text/FB/email.
  2. Suggest a time to touch base in person (maybe at church on Sunday?) to meet one another in “real life”
  3. Look through the Group Description and the Daily Question Suggestions
  4. Let your group know if there is anything you’d like them to keep you accountable for – something you are working on, an addiction you are trying to overcome or stay away from, a Lenten discipline (fasting of some sort).  Share ways that your group can help you keep disciplined.
  5. Accept or re-assign the assignment days given to you by Pastor Chris
  6. Text out the question on your day, and respond to the question each day (including your own question)!  Begin on Thursday, March 2nd