A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

Friday Food Distribution

We do our best to provide food to community members in need, both on the street and in housing. On Fridays, we pick up from two food banks, sort food into both grocery boxes for housed folks and street-ready bags for folks on the street, and then hand them out/deliver them to people who have signed up ahead of time. We are always short deliver drivers, if you are able to come and help us deliver food to a few apartments starting at 1pm, we would be very excited to have you join the work! We also need help unloading and sorting food and cleaning up afterward. Give us a call or email if you’d like to help ((619) 942-3692, deron@livingwaternazarene.com).

To sign up to receive food, email Pastor Deron at deron@livingwaternazarene.com. We have been operating well beyond our capacity since the start of the pandemic, so we cannot always accommodate, especially for folks who need delivery outside of downtown, but we do our best. At most, we can provide a food box every other week.


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