A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

Flow Groups

Our Flow Groups are designed to help us address bodily barriers to discipleship by creating safe, comfortable time and space to engage in somatic, creative, and playful spiritual practices that can help us regulate our central nervous systems, connect more deeply with one another, be empowered to serve, and find peace in our everyday lives. While much of our discipleship work in the church is geared toward discerning God’s will for our lives through learning things like doctrine and ethics, most of us carry invisible barriers rooted in stress, grief, trauma, and the hardships of life that inhibit us from actually living out our calling to love God and love one another. These groups have been carefully crafted to help us heal the invisible wounds we carry, learn to self-regulate and co-regulate our nervous systems through embodied practices, and practice safe vulnerability in a group rooted in trust. In our time together, we will engage in prayer and meditative practices, do art, play, and learn how to carry group practices into our everyday life and discipleship. Come and join us!

To join a Flow Group, you will need to sign up with Pastor Chris ahead of our 12-week, closed sessions.