A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

We have an ongoing list of items that we are looking for as donations.  As we prepare a build-out for a new place, we have lots of needs!  Please email chris@livingwaternazarene if you have something you think we could use.  Thank you!

Things we are currently looking for (especially as we prepare our build-out!)  

Cabinets and Countertops


Restaurant Style Sink

Electric Stove Top

New set of chairs (100-150) – No cloth material

Building materials:

80 studs – 2×4″ (8′ or 92 ¼”) 

15 2×4″ (12′)

2 ADA compliant doors

2 Large windows

20 4×8′ sheets of sheet rock

Large Box of “16 gun nails”

1 box of drywall screws – 1 ¼”

Drywall tape

5 boxes of lightweight mud

½ or ¾” copper pipes

250′ roll of romex  14-2