A new work of God in San Diego's East Village

The Paraclete Program is a new work in the life of our church.  Within the homelessness crisis that is at our doorstep in East Village (over 1000 people sleep on the streets every night within a mile radius of our church), we have recognized a deep need for friendship, comfort, encouragement, and advocacy.  The goal of this program is very simple: to help people find housing.  We are forming teams of 4-5 “Paracletes” who will come alongside someone struggling with homelessness to be helpers, comforters, and advocates.  We will help provide emotional and spiritual support in what can be a very frustrating journey.  We will provide logistical and practical help – help with paperwork, rides, companionship in stressful moments.  We will come alongside those looking for housing and make sure they know that they are not alone anymore.

We are inviting the larger community to join us in this effort.  If you have a compassionate heart and a few hours to give, we would love to have you join us as we seek to provide real connection and support for people who are in great need.

We dream of the faith community stepping up to the plate to help surround our brothers and sisters who are struggling in isolation on the streets.  We would love to have representatives from other churches join us as we develop this program and then take it home to their congregations and implement it themselves.

To join us in this work, email Pastor Chris at chris@livingwaternazarene.com